21 February, 2008


Here is the "throw" that I made for Sugar Daddy for Christmas. Throw is in quotation marks because it is 6 feet long... Sugar Daddy is very tall & most throws aren't long enough to cover him while he is in his recliner... either his feet or his chest gets cold... so I made him a TV Blankie... although lately he has been sleeping with it too.

I made this free style... using my ever-favorite motif, the handprint... after completing the handprint, I "circled" it and rounded it around and then added corners to "square" it (does that even make sense?)
I used Lion Brand Wool Ease Yarn ... for warmth and washability... in green, gold, black, cream, blue and tan... i don't remember the exact names for the colorways. I also dont know how many skeins I used... I am so bad about keeping up with that... although I will say that I spent about $125 on yarn for this project.
It's mostly worked in sc, dc and hdc - - - - - with a P hook (...ha ha ha... she said "P hook!")
It's a very HEAVY blanket... but Sugar Daddy says that it is perfect... and he certainly has used it every day since I made it... so I consider that a successful project!
This blanket gets the Jubal Seal-of-Approval!

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