29 February, 2008

KNITTING FOR DUMMIES -- Hey! Is that some kind of insult?

Well, this looks like the right book for me... as I attempt to straddle the great divide between hook and needles.

I have always wanted to knit... but so far, just havent been able to make it happen.

But now I have the book and these tools: a ball of Red Heart SuperSaver... and a brand-spanking-new pair of Clover Takumi Bamboo Knitting Needles (9" - 8 - 5mm).

Oh my Gosh! It's my first little stitch! Woo Hoo! And then there were 28 (just like the instructions said there would be!)
woot, w00t, w007!

But now I have come to a dilemma... should I attempt English or Continental?

to be continued...

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