21 February, 2008


Wow... last week was a doozy! First, there was the Day of Love, Valentine's Day.
I know, a lot of folks don't like Valentine's Day... but I enjoy it.

For me, it's not about roses or fancy gifts. Sometimes we don't even go out for dinner. Or if we do, it's not the traditional romantic venue... this year, for instance, Sugar Daddy & I went to a little hole-in-the-wall Colombian restaurant and had avocado, rice, beans & fried pork skin.

For us, it was about holding hands and spending a little alone time... no kids or doggies... no answering the cell phone for a couple of hours. It was just a little time to celebrate spending another year with my soul mate... of course, I am lucky... I am truly married to my best friend!

<------- this is the small "token" gift that I gave Sugar Daddy .... the wording is French (oooo la la!) for: "I love you more than yesterday less than tomorrow".

This phrase has special meaning for us... for our first wedding anniversary, Sugar Daddy took my wedding band to be cleaned... when it was returned, there was engraving inside: " More Today Than Yesterday" --- same meaning... different phrasing.

I bought the keychain from the Etsy website (http://www.etsy.com/), if you haven't been, you really should check it out... I love some of the very unique things you can get from there... and most people you meet are very nice!

I was in the Jewelry by Tara Shop (http://www.jewelrybytara.etsy.com/) (whom i recommend... I have bought from her before... Excellent customer service... all items are packaged prettily...and she is glad to do custom orders!), when i saw this necklace:
i loved the pendant... and convo'd her to see if there was anyway to get the pendant in a more masculine form.

The keyring was perfect... something he can keep nearby ... a visual token of my love for him, my Prince Charming!

Below is another necklace using the same pendant... LOVE IT!
Check her out... AWESOME!

And then I celebrated my 39th Birthday (where does the time go?) on the 17th.

I had a very nice day... surrounded by family and friends... it was perfect!

Sugar Daddy gave me a very interesting gift:
a 13 week subscription (mon-fri) of USA TODAY
a 13 week subscription (sunday edition) of the NEW YORK TIMES
a 13 week subscription (sunday edition) of the WASHINGTON POST
a 13 week subscription (sunday edition) of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE
a 13 week subscription (sunday edition) of the LOS ANGELES TIMES
a 13 week subscription (sunday edition) of the MIAMI HERALD

I admit it... I am a dork! I looooove to read newspapers (and magazines)... i will be in newspaper heaven... from all angles of the country... I always read the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUION when we are at our place in Temple, Ga.

There is nothing like sprawling out on the living room floor with the Sunday paper all spread out.


My younger son got me season 4 of Northern Exposure (I now have seasons 1, 2, 3. 4 & 6... only one more to go).

Below are the gifts from my elder son & daughter-in-law: a beautiful wood canister set covered in tin... and a gorgeous wrought iron cross which I hung on our front porch.
<--- sorry about the pic quality... havent learned all of the ins and outs of my new camera yet... oops!

My Mom made me a batch of homemade caramel fudge... true decadence & a silverware windchime... She was antiquing and found a set of silverware that was exactly the same pattern as her maternal grandparents... so she bought it and made me a windchime...AWESOME!

From my Sis-in-law and her family, I got an awesome "bowling bag" to carry my Wii & the Ultimate Board Game disc for the Wii,
and a gift certificate to my favorite yarn shop in Georgia, Ewe Knit in Carrollton!

Then my Father-in-Law and his companion... gave me a cook book from the Blue Willow Inn (in Social Circle, Ga) http://www.bluewillowinn.com/
and what?!? a gift certificate to Ewe Knit! WOO HOO... does life get any better?

As much as I love the gifts, I loved the fact that I was able to spend it with the people that I love the most!

I thank GOD for allowing me to spend another year with them!
I truly lead a blessed life!

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