29 February, 2008


Change is in the air... I have been buying new quilts and sheets for our beds & moving furniture around... (hopefully, next weekend, I get my "craft house" organized!)... the signs of spring are everywhere!

And I am also playing around with new craftiness:

Not only do I want to learn knitting (see post below) ...
I want to learn how to spin...
so I bought this little baby to try out:I bought this from the FancyKitty Shop on Etsy ( fancykitty.etsy.com ).

And this to go with it: This is a Merino Superwash... bought from (you guessed it, Etsy):

I am a repeat customer of Ron's Fiber tools... I own a wooden G hook... sorry no picture... and a set of these pretty hooks: And Ron has his own site... http://www.fancykitty.com/ also.

And then I ordered this:

This is a weaving loom and the companion book, ZATI.

From my reading, a kind of spiritual approach to weaving... of course, I find that all of my crafting is part of my spiritual and emotional life... I just can't wait to try this! I ordered it on the 25th... so surely it will be here soon!

To check out this loom & philosophy, go to: http://www.weavingalife.com/ and also check out the Earth Loom... I want one of these too!

Also, for my ever-expanding crochet hook collection: I ordered these Japanese double-ended hooks:
and yes, they are coming from another Etsy shop: http://www.saucylouise.etsy.com/
I guess now you can see why I have to get my craft area tidied up!
Have a great weekend!

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