31 October, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I just wanted to post a few pics to mark the passing of one of my favorite holidays. I have always loved dressing up for Halloween...the candy was always secondary.

As a kid, I gave up trick-or-treating at about 9 years old so I could give out candy at my grandparents' house. They always had lots of children to show up for candy. My grandmother also loved Halloween & often we spent days making up treat bags and my favorite, Ghostly Tootsie Pops! (You know the ones made with a tissue & magic marker eyes)

When I was a single parent, I always took Halloween off from my 3rd shift job. It became a special event ... J (my younger son), knew it was a no-holds barred night... we would stay out as long as he wanted to because I would let him stay out of school (bad mommy!)
...it became a special yearly ocassion for us.

This year, I am a little sad... having recently relocated from South Carolina to Pennsylvania, I will be missing my grandson, Zander's first Halloween. So imagine my joy when i received pics in the mail!! I can't wait to see him again and kiss those chubby cheeks! :-)

The 2nd pic was taken at Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. Obviously SugarDaddy cant resist hamming it up with a piano-playing skeleton man!

The 3rd pic is SugarDaddy & me outside the Broad St. Market in Harrisburg. We were taking pics of me wearing my Punkin Hat... a very nice gentleman walked up and asked if we wanted him to get a pic of us together ... who could resist?

And the 4th pic is a blast from the past! It's my sister, brother and me getting ready to trick or treat... if you dont know, I am the vampire! :-) I am guessing that this is circa 1976 / 1977 ish!

Hope you enjoyed your Halloween... and would love to hear your Halloween memories! :-)
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Spinning Out of Control said...

The picture of you as a kid took me right back in time! Loved those old costumes.