27 October, 2010

Domo-Kun hat 2.0

Here it is... Domo-Kun 2.0!

I just couldn't let the idea go... wanted to improve my original Domo-Kun hat... even though this one isnt authentically colored (I didn't have any solid brown, so i used Red Heart SuperSaver in Coffee Fleck), it's a definite improvement as far as the "bulk" of the hat is concerned.

I decided to make his square red mouth with intarsia method, then embroidering his teeth. Shiny black buttons replace the crocheted rounds for eyes. Also I did this one beanie-style instead of with ear flaps.

I am proud of how both hats turned out... for me, it's all about trying different ideas ...constantly changing... that's what keeps me from being bored :-)

I think I am definitely keeping this one for myself!
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