29 October, 2010

FO: Jan Valentine's (from Hellsing anime) Beanie 1.0 / Crochet

It's not often that my sons think of my crochet as cool. So I was surprised when my youngest son, who is 20, asked me to make a hat for him. I am sure this was partly due to all of the hat-making i have been doing lately; and partly due to the fact that it is getting chilly up here in our new home of Pennsylvania! :-)

He is really into Anime; and one of his favorites is Hellsing. The character, Jan Valentine wears a black cap with a really odd eye symbol on it.

This is my first attempt... using yarn out of my Red Heart Stash... the emblem turned out huge... i have several ideas for my next attempt: intarsia, lighter-weight yarn, embroidery ...

As I am becoming more comfortable with using intarsia, I realized that i really need to start graphing out the designs ... i have always just free-hooked most everything, but definitely seeing a need for graphing!

So... here is first attempt... i hope my son likes it!

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