15 December, 2008


As part of our holiday festivities, we took in the lights of Hollywild's Light Safari. If you haven't seen this annual holiday attraction, it's worth checking out. It's what I call a quantity as opposed to quality light display...LOTS of lights EVERYWHERE!

But it has character... where else can you pull into an enchanted deer forest to feed little deer (descended from the deer in the movie 'Prancer') by hand? There is also a walk-thru section with a bonfire where you can buy hotdogs & marshmallows to roast. And you can get hot chocolate to sip on as you listen to Christmas music and look at goats, llamas, buffalo, long-horned cattle, camels, reindeer, zebras, donkeys, and ze-donks (so cute! but my camera wouldn't get a good shot).

It's truly a unique holiday experience.

but be forewarned, traffic into the place was HORRENDUS! We waited in line for 3 HOURS. And there is NO traffic control...Hollywild could really benefit from hiring a police officer to direct traffic!

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