03 August, 2008


Thought you might want to see this blast from the past...this is a sweater vest that was made for me by my great aunt elizabeth. i was most likey less than 6 so it is over 33 years old.

i was digging around in the closet and came across this...i freaking love it! I think this was inspired by a trip that she and my uncle made out west.

I am not sure if she used a pattern for this or not.


ladylinoleum said...

It's awesome! You could try and recreate those motifs in crochet. That'd be cool!!

inkberryblue said...

Hi! I'm visiting via the Ravelry comment train and I've really enjoyed looking around your blog. So nice to look at a fellow crocheter's work ~ you have some really creative crochet. The vintage sweater is gorgeous! Your great aunty was a talented knitter. I still have things my grandfather made for me and I treasure them.

knittyvritti (kv) said...

thanks for visiting me. i love your blog, and plan to visit regularly.

Iron Needles said...

That is a very cool vest! Nice blog. I share some of the same feelings about group knitting that I am working to overcome.

I will check back in.