13 August, 2008


Here is another sneak peek of another wip.

the other night, i dreamed that i was working on a project...that's all...just me crocheting and then doing a felting technique with hairclips...

when i woke up, i felt compelled to try to replicate it...so here goes. i do know that it will be felted /fulled using the hairclips... i dont even know if this idea will work, i havent seen anyone online mention it... so i am compelled to try it... but i dont want to say anything more...dont want to jinx my crochet mojo!

has that ever happened to you... dreaming about the creation of a project? if so, how did it turn out?

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La Nina said...

I tend to dream more of the projects I'm currently working on, but usually they turn out so well in the dream that I also wake up inspired to work on them more! I'm interested to see what you do with the hairclips! I hope it will be a great adventure.