17 August, 2008


well... got the piece out from the washer and was a little bummed out. it looked NOTHING like i had imagined...but that's the adventure of felting, right?

after all of the crazy shaping, the darn thing came out round! the "holey" sections that i thought were big enough to stay open... felted together.

on the other hand, the bobble stitches came out very nice... and the binder clips made some texture... i will definitely keep experimenting with clips...will also try those little alligator hair clips... i wonder what rubberbands will do?

but i digress...

i did not like the round shape ... so while it was still damp, i started pulling it into a more oblong shape and then clipped it.

i will let it dry this way and see how it looks then.

keep your fingers crossed!

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