29 August, 2008


here is my first pair of mittens. the fiber group that i have been meeting with are going to make mittens to donate to homeless people at Christmas.

I haven't done mittens yet...so i thought that i should try my hand (no pun intended).

all in all...i would have to say that i am pleased with them... although i ran out of yarn on the last 2 rows of the 2nd thumb (dont you just hate when that happens?)... and although i had to put those pesky thumbs in several times!

i was going to pack them away for the charity event... but sugar daddy decided he wanted to keep them... isn't he just the sweetest?

and he was nice enough to model them for my blog posting!

these were loomknit on my 'in the attic' mitten loom set...although i didnt refer to the pattern...but rather shot from the hip on these. the yarn was a variegated acrylic from my scary stash.


Brandy said...
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Brandy said...

Those turned out really great especially with that being your first attempt! And I love the 'vogue' pose your model is striking!

Mo said...

I love the colors, very autumny.