29 June, 2009


I have been in a blogging funk recently... not really feeling like posting much... but i have been keeping myself busy. Here is a little handwoven "weavagarumi" based on an idea from one of my weaving idols, Noreen Crone-Findlay.

i started out weaving squares on a metal potholder loom. Noreen has great tutorials for using yarn to weave on potholder looms:

Arrrrrrrrgh!  I sure do hate yarn knots!

i made 2 squares on the potholder loom and then 2 squares on my weave-it loom (i used pink for wubby-- but forgot to take pic... please excuse substitution...lol)

spoolknit some arms and some legs

and then added a few buttons ... i dont like how the button i used for the mouth turned out... so i will probably change it later... but i would say as a prototype... it turned out ok!


Mary Beth said...

ohmigosh! that is so cute! and weaving looks like tons of fun, i'll have to try it.

Fiber Deviant said...

i like small-loom weaving almost as much as crochet... i like that the fabric that it creates is such a different texture than you can get from crochet or knit (i only loom knit for now)

i love utilizing all the different textures

... yes... i am a dork like that


tooky said...

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Sofia said...

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