26 June, 2009

Back in the Saddle... or where i have been

ok... i know that i have been neglecting this blog as of late... i have a post in draft that i have been working on for a few weeks... but every time i begin to work on it... i get emotional and cant get any where on it... so i have decided to let that post stay buried.

the draft post is titled "King Solomon's Choice" ...

here is the short quick & dirty jist of what happened

-- a dear friend died suddenly of a heart attack

--we had been told by her (years ago) that she wanted us to care for her kids if anything ever happened to her

--we find out that we have absolutely no right to these kids

--and have to turn these kids over to someone else to raise

there is a whole lot more to this story... but i just cant bring myself to get into it... my heart is cracking right now just telling this much... i am hoping that time will help ease my feelings here...i get to talk & text & "facebook" the children often... that helps.

i know GOD has a purpose for the way things happened... i just dont know what it is.

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