19 July, 2009


SugarDaddy and I recently found out that we are going to be grandparents next spring!
The due date is Feb 18th.

so soo soo exciting! (and i truly appreciate that the kids waited until i turned 40 before making me a grandparent... lol the due date is the day after my 41st birthday!)

i am sure that i will get some flack for this... but i dont want to be "grandma", "granny", "mawmaw", "meemaw" ... let alone some of the other names that i have heard bandied about... (i.e. "big mama", "fat ma", "gangan", etc...) ... i like "Nana", but that is what my mother goes by...and i think "Nami" is a little close to Nana.

so i spent some time looking for a name... something different... i found this site ... i tried all the names out with SugarDaddy... and i think the winner is "Ajji" for me and "Ajja" for him. seems to be an easy-to-pronounce set of names... and i have to say, very different ... at least in my circle.

the 2nd thing i did was to search around for items to make for the baby... i found this pattern for a simple pullover... i thought it might be a good start for my foray into baby wearables.

i picked TLC cotton plus yarn in a blue & green varigation (since we dont know the gender of the baby yet)

the top's construction seems simple enough... make a front & back and stitch together. i decided to add a row of bobble details to the front side... i dont know why... but i just cant leave things alone! lol

here is a little better pic of the bobble addition... i really need to work on my photography skills!

here is the stitching-together process... decided to trim with green... still seems safe if the baby is a boy.... and if it is a girl, i will probably add some ruffles to the sleeves and maybe a bow.

i havent blocked the top yet... will probably wait to see if i will add some embellishments...


RagamuffinQuilts said...

Congrats, Ajji! Better get to crocheting some baby booties, blankets, more sweaters....wow, you are gonna be busy! LOL Very exciting news, at any age. You can be a young, hip gramma. :-)

Chrıs Anton said...

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