22 April, 2009

Crochet Wallhanging Update: Day of the Dead #2

i have been working on this piece a lot lately... wanting to finish it so that i can hang it in the house. i am actually loving how this piece has turned out.

it's not "completely done" (is any piece ever completed?) ... i am trying to come up with a crochet design for a marigold ... and want to make a strand of yellow & orange marigolds (and maybe some beads... mmmm... beads) to drape over\around the piece.

marigolds are used in Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations ... the scent of the flowers lead the spirits. also, in India, strands of marigolds are used for joyful celebrations and for reverence.

i think a strand of marigolds will really set this piece off... we'll see!

here are some close up shots (up --> down) showing some of the details.

this piece is mostly free form crochet... i have also made crochet motifs and appliqued them to the piece... the stitches used are mostly sl, sc, dc, ts & bobbles (lots of bobbles) made with dc.

i have also incorporated loom knitting and small-loom weaving to the piece. and then the embellishments! i used vintage and new buttons; and beads of glass, plastic & metal.

i had so much fun picking out & placing the embellishments!

here are some side-to-side views

i created this piece from all acrylic yarns (mostly red heart yarn). i like using acrylic yarns to make something i consider beautiful from something so looked down on as a medium... mostly because of the snobbery involved. i really hate that look you get from "serious fiber artists" when you mention acrylic.

don't get me wrong... i love and use wool yarns... i splurge on lux brands sometimes... but i actually adore the spectrum of colors and textures that are offered in acrylics. they are bold and fun... which is what this piece is all about... a celebration of family & life.


MonikaRose said...

Hello, how are you? Now that is a colorful and creative piece. I really like it, the use of all types of mediums.
I totally agree with the acrylic yarn, me too love the variety of colors and textures, I use acrylic all the time, check out my blog and store.
Thankyou for sharing, love your creativity
Have a fantastic day and weekend comming up

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

I came across your blog due to my friend Monica from OZ...

Wow!!! you both rocks, girls! so nice and smartly done.

Wish I can do this too.


Kathy Cano-Murillo, The Crafty Chica said...

that is sooo cool, i love it!!!!

ladylinoleum said...

That is outstanding girlie!! Love it!

MissButler said...

Your wallhanging is incredble. I need to go look for #1 now.

tooky said...

all of that is cute

Chris said...

I came across your blog and just had to comment. I really don't care what that thing is made of, I just love it. Good for you for being so thrifty!