30 September, 2011

Finished: Crochet - Bucket Hat Prototype

This is my latest crochet experiment, a bucket-style hat done in mostly post stitches.

It was crocheted with Hobby Lobby's brand "I Love This Yarn!" in Pomegranate Stripe -- with an H hook.

I used acrylic yarn for ease of care... And I have to say that the Hobby Lobby Brand is my favorite acrylic out there: soft & and comes in wonderful self-striping colorways.

This hat was inspired by my admiration for the awesome Xenobia Bailey's ( www.xenba.blogspot.com ) work... I love her Funky Crowns!  I didnt want to try to duplicate her designs... But I love the idea of crowns... And wanted to put my own "stamp" on the idea.

  I started with a top detail of combining post stitches and regular stitches and then used post stitching for the sides for sturdiness.

This hat was a gift for my friend, Lee Ann... Hope she likes it; and that she has some creative criticisms for me.

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