24 November, 2009

FO: Bubbles Baby Blanket for Baby Zander

Yes! I finally got down to business and finished the baby blanket that I was working on for my Grandbaby-to-be, Baby Zander!

Here is my DIL holding the blanket up at the baby shower. I hope Baby Zander can feel all the love I put into every stitch... just for him.

Since we live so far away... I want him to have a tangible token of our love for him!

This is the completed blanket. I crocheted this version of Deneen St Amour's (she is @yarnandmusings on twitter ) "Bubbles Baby Blanket". I gotta tell you, I really love this pattern... it is a simple pattern to remember...so it is easy to pick up after setting it down for a bit. It works up so nice in a reversible pattern that lays flat and doesn't need any edging. I like how different this pattern can be worked with different hooks and yarns for completely different looks.

It works up fast... unless you are a super slow hooker like me!

I modified the pattern by using a J hook and only 1 strand of worsted weight. I used Hobby Lobby's acrylic"I Love This Yarn!" brand in #20 Ivory. This caused the blanket to be thicker... not as "airy".

This will definitely be my "Go To" pattern for baby gifts!

Here is a close-up of the bubbles pattern.

See how the flat the edge lays... no curling... no edging

And here is Tallulah trying to persuade me to stop working on the blanket and let her get into my lap! :-)


Deneen said...

Came out great! I don't have a Hobby Lobby anywhere near me (like States away), but I think someone sent me some and it felt so nice. The color is the same as my double stranded one I started with, as a quickie last minute gift I needed.

tooky said...

i beat tiffan loved it