28 November, 2009

Crochet Christmas Decorating Links for a Homemade Christmas

The older I get, the more I cherish the handmade item over the mass -produced one.

Christmas has evolved into an extremely commercialized holiday; and I want to get off that rollercoaster... already, I usually gift my grown kids with at least one handmade gift. I hope that they understand how much love I put into each gift. It's not about money spent; it's about the time and thought investment. A token of my affection... even when we are separated by miles.

I wont have time this year to do it... but I am definitely going to try to decorate next year with homemade decorations. I searched the internet for ideas that utilized crochet (my fave fiber craft) ... I found some really creative ideas. Some of these fit my style perfectly... others I will want to "tweak" in some way... to make it more "me".

I thought that others might like to see some of these ideas and add something handmade to their celebrations.

So here are the links I found:

angel ornament

popcorn garland

Linda Permann's Cute Crochet Ornaments

Dottie Angel's Crochet Garland

christmas bulb ornament

granny square tree skirt

granny square christmas stocking

holly & berries ornament

tubular crochet braided wreath
here is a color pic of this wreath

mistletoe wreath
here is a color pic of this wreath

crocheted dodecahedron star
(could be tree topper, toy or decoration)


christmas hearts ornament

christmas ball ornament

christmas candle decoration

christmas granny square (lots of potential uses)


I would LOVE to find a free crochet Nativity set pattern! (so if you see one, please let me know!)

also... click on the magazine links (in the sidebar)... there are beautiful ideas (especially Crochet Today!) in there also!

I enjoy hearing about and seeing any handmade items you are crafting for this holiday season! I especially like crochet items but love all handmade stuff!

Wishing everyone a joyful holiday season... No matter what holiday you are celebrating!

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