10 November, 2006

My Jimbo Necklace!

Just wanted to post my pics of my crochet hook necklace. This beautiful hook was whittled by Jimbo! If you are unfamiliar with Jimbo... please check out his blog: http://www.jimbosfrontporch.blogspot.com/

He made a "J-ish" sized hook for me... I have a very unusual grip ***see below***-- so i sent him some pictures of me crocheting with several different sizes of hooks. and he made the hook to fit my hand, grip... and I have to tell you, that is my favorite hook of all time! It is so comfortable.

i have tried brittany hooks... no contest... Jimbo rules!

I created 3 (which is my favorite nuber... weird, i know... but oh well- remember "3 is a magic number" from schoolhouse rock?) flower motifs from amethyst chips (amethyst is my birthstone) and attached them to the hook with 24 gauge beading wire.
Then I added a toggle switch so that i could actually take the hook off the necklace (which is single crochet 24 gauge beading wire strung with different-hued fresh water pearl beads) and use it. The hook was made especially to be a necklace pendant and to still be functional.

*** why i think my grip is so weird:

when i was a little kid, i was left-handed. my maternal grandmother was kind of superstitious and believed that there was something wrong with left-handed folks. she would have me sit on my left hand and eat and write with my right hand.

then when i went to kindergarten, i had a teacher who obviously came from the same school of thought. she would take scissors and crayons out of my left hand and put them into my right.
i guess it worked... i cant write with my left hand anymore... although, sometimes i catch myself eating with my left... it's involuntary... my left hand just reaches... kinda weird... but if i am at a table with another lefty, i can just use my left too... no elbow bumps!

i often have issues with doing things... crochet was really hard for me to get the hang of... although i dont have "correct form", i've learned to adapt... (i also had an incredibly hard time learning to tie my shoes...)

weird, huh?
post script: both my younger sister and brother turned out left-handed too... my mom put her foot down and didnt let anyone "train" them to be righties... I don't know anyone else on either side of our family who is left-handed... where did it come from?

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