10 November, 2006


Here are pics of my first "commissioned" wallhanging.

This was made for a decoration in a little girl's bedroom. Her mother had mentioned that she wanted something like a "doll that hung on the wall":

I call it "Tookie" (named for the little girl that i made it for, who told me that "pink is my FAVORITE color in the whole wide world!!!"). I have about 10-12 hours invested in this piece (from inception to trim). This is a free-form project... I just fiddled with it to come up with the shapes for the doll and the dress.

I am fairly pleased with how this project turned out... although I would like to experiment with the hair again... having never done this type of project, I was unsure of how to execute it. My original intent was to put beads in the hair, as Tookie always has the most colorful beads in her own hair... but I couldn't get the look that I wanted with the beads that I had around the house... and I didn't feel like running to the store...so i split some yarn and just tied it in.

(Hope you like it, Tookie!)

This was a fun project... i will definitely visit this idea again!

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