04 January, 2008


Just wanted to post some pics of a wallhanging that I was working on before the holidays.

This piece is about 10 inches across and about 33 inches long.

I made a rod pocket and used a piece of red bamboo to hang it from.

This was a "stash buster"; and is made from commercially available wools and acrylics and novelty yarn mixes.

As you can see, I have used my favorite motif, the Hand Print and 3 ( "It's a magic number..." sing along with me! ) triangle motifs.

I added a little ruffle below the hand and above the triangle... for a layered effect.

The stitches mostly used were single, double and treble... with a few popcorn stitches and other assorted stitches thrown in here and there for interest.

As usual, I tried to put in lots of color.

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Misha said...

Very cool!