09 March, 2007

Recycling Plastic Grocery Bags

I have been reading alot lately about plastic bags. You know, the little bags they pack your groceries... I probably end up with at least 10 of those in one shopping trip... They really add up!

according to this website (http://www.myownbag.com/activism.html), it takes 20 years for a plastic bag to biodegrade as litter... and 1000 years to biodegrade in a landfill!!!!

We always reuse them as wastebasket liners... and Sugar Daddy carries his lunch in them (I bought him a lunch bag... but someone at his office called it a purse and now he won't use it anymore!)... but I am looking for other ideas to reuse them.

On Crochetville (www.crochetville.org), I found people cutting and crocheting them into reusable shopping bags and purses... what a neat idea...I could combine recycling with my favorite craft... crochet!! woo hoo!
here is another good website, if you are interested: http://www.marloscrochetcorner.com/Plastic%20Bag%20tote.html
it has a pattern... one of these days, i am going to try to follow a pattern... but right now, i am still too busy following my own ideas...
it also gives instructions for cutting and attaching the bags to make "yarn"... this is how i do it... there are other people who do it different ways... i am sure you can find it on the net...

so here is what i have made: (or why i havent been posting...lol)

The first bag that i made was a messenger-type bag... actually, i call it a "farmers' market bag"... i think it would be perfect to sling across your shoulders and fill as you travel through a farmers' market or...flea market...

Here is the cavernous inside of the bag:

this bag is huge!

That's our younger son, the Barbarian, who is modeling...umm... err... showing this bag... let's gve him a hand!


here is the 2nd bag that i made... i would use this as a reusable shopping bag... or it could be a beach tote:

inside view:a closeup of the stitches... i like the little bits of color interspersed by using different bags:

I made the next two bags, as purses... here is the lovely Ms. TM modeling them:

<<--- a close up of the stitching... i think it almost looks like one of those straw purses that are so popular during spring & summer. i also love the variation in all of the brownish... bags.

This purse was made for my sister (who requested a "non-girly" type of bag):

The green button is a kind of "inside funny"... you know, green ... recycling... i know, corny... but that is me... uber dork!

Check out that subliminal message to shop Bi-Lo!

So here is one of my attempts to reduce, recycle, and reuse... and i get to use my favorite craft to do it! woo hoo!


ladylinoleum said...

Very cool. I've toyed with the plastic bag idea. Actually, I crocheted with those bags in college (eons ago), and think I'll try it again soon.

Nice bags my dear!

neta said...

Hi Joanna,
Thanks for your visit, nice to meet you.
Your bags are lovely, I love the recycled ones very much, they looks great, I think you should list them at etsy.
I once tried to crochet some nylon bags, I made slippers soles with that but it took me tone of time because I didn’t know how to cut the yarn.
I wish you lot's of good luck with it, and kisses to the baby.

Jayce Deangelo said...

The table scraps and left over food we put in the city's yard clipping recycling bin. Since they ask for the restaurant and home kitchen refuse, I think that the city probably uses the chemical composting method.